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Olivia Finlayson

I've been a compulsive writer for as long as I can remember. Seemingly, if I didn't commit something to paper, how could I be sure that it happened? If I didn't catalogue teenage heartbreak in my journals – which now consume a sizable plot of real estate in my long-suffering parents' garage – then was it really heartbreak? Eventually – and fortunately – writing became financially viable.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Communication from RMIT, I contributed on a freelance basis to various online publications, and worked with leading digital agencies on wide-ranging projects.

In 2011, I commenced as a copywriter with international skin care company Aesop. Three years as a full-time writer (and three subsequent years working as a freelance writer for Aesop’s Creative and Digital teams) polished my writing and editing skills, and honed a sharp eye for detail, attention to syntax, grammar, punctuation and rhythm.

When writing and editing, I strive for exacting language. And prizing concision and clarity, I hold fast to Rule 17 of seminal text The Elements of Style: omit needless words – a mantra and practice essential to clean, clear and well-written copy.

I currently work as Senior Copywriter at Cornwell, a design studio specialising in lifestyle branding and exceptional creative across retail, luxury, finance, fashion, property, commercial and hospitality.

As Senior Copywriter, I focus largely on helping brands to create and deliver a consistent brand voice and presence. From social media to individual campaigns to placemaking strategies to brand books crafted to articulate a brand’s essence, I work across a diverse range of projects targeting diverse audiences.

I have always relished the variety and stimulation that comes from working freelance. In recent years, I’ve written for Melbourne-based condom brand, Jonny; custom gift box startup, Stellar; high-end handbag and accessories label, A-ESQUE; and DENFAIR, ‘Australia’s leading destination for contemporary design and art for professional designers, architects, interior stylists and lovers of design’, to name but a few.

Charles Dickens: A Life | Claire Tomalin


Purity | Jonathan Franzen
Lincoln in the Bardo | George Saunders
All the Birds, Singing | Evie Wyld
1984 | George Orwell
Here at The New Yorker | Brendan Gill
The Sense of an Ending | Julian Barnes


Weight training | Boxing | HIIT | CrossFit

I balance a commitment to health and fitness with a keen interest in food (all of it) and wine. A significant chunk of my time and funds is thrown at Melbourne’s cafes, bars and restaurants, which gives me great joy as well as an endless stream of writing material.

Melbourne's Nova Carlton independent cinema is my happy place. Nearby Readings bookstore provides an excellent pre-film place to mill about, the ice creams are second to none, taking wine into the theatre is encouraged, and post-viewing, Heartattack and Vine offers warm nooks in which to debrief over the week’s recommended wine specials.

Bastardised (or absent) grammar, shambolic syntax, and under-garnished Bloody Marys.